Stampin’ Up! Kits are great value and provide you with most materials all in one convenient box



These are great if:

  • If you are new to crafting
  • You just want projects you can put together quickly for you
  • If you’d like the product measured, cut and coordinated You’d like to gather together with friends to create


Kits are great for those just starting out or for crafters who love having a project already planned out for them. Perfect to give as gifts. Also great if you’re travelling and just want to take something small with you. Consider those in aged care facilities, rehabilitation etc, these would be great for them also.


Gather To Create Kits

Step up your crafting game and revel in the finished creations. Project kits are great to work on together.


You will need to add some extra products to complete this kit.


These products will take all the guesswork, preparation and set up time out of your creating. You can assemble them on your own or with friends. Use them to make a number of similar projects to then bundle up and give away to friends in pretty packaging as gifts.

Kits, definitely make your creating life easier and more productive.

Thanks for looking at the current kits available through my Stampin’ Up! Online Store and for considering purchasing them. I hope the information provided on this page has proven useful.