Enjoy Being A Demonstrator

Enjoy Being A Demonstrator

Ways to Enjoy Being a Demonstrator & a Few Buts….

There are lots of reasons to join Stampin’ UP! and lots of ways to enjoy being a demonstrator with the uniqueness of our product line and craft allows us to generate sales with finished craft projects, product samplers, classes, clubs, kits, private home workshops, presentations, catalogue events, personal purchases, fundraisers , traditional home workshops, online business and more. With our low quarterly minimums that your own purchases count towards it is easy to fit Stampin’ UP! into your life.

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Remember that Stampin’ Up! allows you to have the Business your way –


  • being a Stampin’ UP! demonstrator is like having a gold-plated 20% off discount. Always purchase at a minimum 20% savings –


  • add to the family budget by setting a financial goal for yourself and allowing me to help you learn what it takes to add that amount to your family budget. The amount you are able to earn is only limited by your desire and willingness to try.


  • do you love making things, do you crave experiencing creativity? Then Stampin’ Up!’s exclusive top quality product, online technique videos, monthly full color publication, demonstrator only website (With over 200,000 samples, hundreds of videos, forums and more), demonstrator only events and my Krafty Owlz team is just what you need to get your creative fix. As a demonstrator I don’t wait to see it or read about it on someone’s blog or website – I get to see and know first hand and I get to pre-order!


  • add to your resume the skills that come from owning your own business – time management, budget/expenses, training, marketing, communication, leadership, team building, teaching  and more. Being a Stampin’ UP! demonstrator is a resume builder – whether you enjoy Stampin’ UP! on the side as you pursue a traditional career, as an income supplement while you stay at home with your children or maybe find yourself as one of the many out of work, or with decreased hours  or simply decide to use Stampin’ UP! as I did to replace and surpass what you are doing now. Being a Stampin’ UP! demonstrator provides you with valuable skills to put on any resume.


I have no time– as a Stampin’ UP! demonstrator I too had no time working full tim. I chose to grow my business doing a couple of classes on a Saturday and taking the week off. It’s this kind of flexibility – sales from home events, classes, clubs, customer orders, on-line orders, scrapbooking, stamping, crafting,  and more that allow you to fit Stampin’ UP! into your life’s priorities.

I don’t know anyone – due to my work commitments I had lost touch with the local community and had few leads but with my experience I have the ideas to help you reach many markets

I am too shy to talk in front of people – so don’t talk – stamp, scrap and craft with them. Simply enjoy sharing what you love to do and let it just happen.

I have no experience – that’s ok – there is no experience, no degree required. Plus you have me and Stampin’ UP! to help. This is a learn as go venture that truly grows with you and you with it. Plus Stampin’ Up! have a new program called Ready, Set, Start which will also help you.

Still not sure?

I am not sure it will work– that’s ok too – if it doesn’t work you are left with great product that you enjoyed at a huge savings – in addition any new, unopened merchandise can be returned to Stampin’ Up! for a full refund per DSA guidelines.

I hate commitments– that’s ok too – with Stampin’ Up! there are no minimum required starter workshops/parties, minimum required starter orders – only a need for the kit. The only commitment you need to make IF you want to remain a demonstrator is $440 in sales per quarter (Personal purchases count towards sales!). Most demonstrators find this easy to achieve when they focus on $150 a month in sales. Take it one day at a time and watch what can happen.

So what are you waiting for?? I am here to help you make Stampin’ Up! what you want it to be and who knows along the way you may discover some invaluable gifts – I learned to like myself, I have gained self-confidence. I’ve made lifelong friends, I’ve enjoy tax breaks and I have seen places and experienced things I wouldn’t have  just to name a few of the things I wasn’t expecting when I joined in 2010.

I would love to be your team leader and to have you on my team.
New and Former Demonstrators needed and welcomed.
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