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My good friend and upline, Leonie Schroder bestowed this award on me. Receiving awards like this always make me feel special and that what I share online is appreciated by so many. Thanks so much Leonie for the award and for your friendship. Pop on over and view Leonie’s Blog.
Now as part of this award I need to share 8 things about myself and to pass this award onto 8 bloggers and let them know they too have been awarded with this very prestigious award.
Now … 8 things about me
  1. I love spending time with my family and my friends – both in person and online
  2. I love sharing what I do in my crafts and I especially love Stampin’ Up! 
  3. I took my Stampin’ Up! stuff away with me on holidays – 1 full trolly and everything else stashed in various places so DH didn’t realise how much of it I was taking with me 🙂 (Well I have to do something when he’s out fishing all the time)
  4. Everyone knows my favourite colour is blue except my DH who thinks it’s purple!! We’ve only been married 31 years and now he refers to blue as my other favourite colour when it’s not purple 🙂
  5. 1 of my arms got sunburnt while we were away – that happens when you sit under an umbrella engrossed in a book and you don’t realise one half of you is in the shade and the other half isn’t.
  6. I always come home from holidays with ‘tide’ marks – my tan stops and starts where my sleeves finish and short/trousers finish. Except this year I wore caprice length pants which almost come to my ancles as I’m vertically challenged. I have tied marks on my feet from my sandals 🙂
  7. I love ribbon and I firmly believe a girl can never have too much ribbon
  8. I still like my job after 36 years when I thought I wouldn’t last 5 years 🙂
Now to pass it onto 8 bloggers. I always find this hard as there are so many out there who deserve these awards. Anyway here goes:
  1. Wendy Pettifer who now resides in Tennant Creek Northern Territory
  2. Sharon Rogers – new to blogging but check out her amazing cards 
  3. Rose-Anne Monk – who is always coming up with new and imaginative ideas
  4. Carol Johnson – just became a design team member of Send A Smile For Kids
  5. Illina Crouse – who shares freely her wonderful creations
  6. Lee Conrey – who also shares her creations freely and has some neat tools to help you tie bows and stand cards up at demos
  7. Michelle Jamieson – who is working hard to assist those affected by the terrible floods in Queensland – you go girl!! See if you can help Chelle achieve her goals to assist these people.
  8. Gypsy – from New Zealand who is always an inspiration and has great scrapbook techniques and ideas she freely shares.
Please take the time to peruse these blogs. I’m sure you will agree they are all worthy recipients of this award.
Remember, your creativeness is only limited by your imagination. Keep smiling and until next we share …

About LibbyD

Hi, I'm Libby. I'm a wife, mother, Gran and sister. I'm also an Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator! in Australia. I love all things Stampin' Up! Making meaningful connections is important to me and I value the long lasting friendships I have made through Stampin' Up! I knit, cross-stitch, sew and get inky with stamps, ink and paper. Connect with me to find out more Have a look around and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to arrange your own Stampin' Up! workshop (FREE) or find out about classes. Call 0410 315 786 Email

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